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Hi! In this video tutorial I am going to show you how to create great photos in 3 easy steps with a budget.  This is perfect if you want to improve your photo quality for blogging or selling products online, but you do not want to break your wallet. Keep in mind to not over edit so you keep the item's true colors. This can be done even for photos taken using cellphone!

I have used photos from my cellphone, digital camera, and DSLR camera for this video demonstration. The products that I used in the video can be found in this blog post.

Video Tutorial


Step 1 – Create a nice background

A white background will do! For small objects, you can buy a white board (costs 50 cents from the dollar store) if your walls aren't good enough.

Step 2 – Good lighting

You have 2 choices for this one, natural sunlight (free, limited by time only) or a studio light set.

I bought my Cowboy Studio Light for $60 or so. But I really only use one stand. I bought a brighter light bulb for filming (costed additional $18 or so), but you don't need the light bulb since you can adjust and improve your photo quality with step 3.

Step 3 – Post Editing with Free Software

The quickest and easier way to improve your photo quality is by adding highlight to your photo. You can do this via free software like Picasa (from Google) or PicMonkey (web-based program).



Picasa is a free software developed by Google.

  • The highlight option is under the 2nd tab.
  • Adjust the slider till you are happy with your result.
  • Remember to save your edits.


PicMonkey is a free web based photo editing program.

  • The highlight feature is under the EXPOSURE section.
  • Adjust the slider till you are happy with your result.
  • Remember to save your photo. You might want to save every now and then in case PicMonkey crashes or your computer freezes.



Products used in this video:

Cellphone: Moto X

Digital Camera: Panasonic Lumix ZS20

DSLR Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Camera for Filming: Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Software for Recording: Camtasia Studio (Free 30 Day Trial)

Lighting: Cowboy Studio Light

Lighting: Light Bulb 85W, 5500k

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