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Inspired by “My Love from the Star” also known as “You Who Came from the Stars”. The Korean name is 별에서 온 그대 (I grabbed this off Wikipedia haha, I don't know Korean sadly T__T).

My biggest reminder from this drama is to treasure your precious memories! 🙂 So I wanted to make a galaxy memory jar to keep all the happy memories, whether it is big or small.

Video Tutorial


Mason jar – Or Spaghetti sauce jar.
Acrylic paint – I used black, dark blue, blue, purple, and white.
Clear Acrylic Sealer – Optional. I used Plaid one.
Foam sponges – I cut mine using the sponge from dollar store.
Paint brush
Paint holder – I am using a plastic paper plate.


Practice creating galaxy if you are new like me! Practice does make perfect haha. I was able to paint a galaxy after a few tries! 😀 I have to thank my galaxy crop top ^O^ that is where I realized that the colors are in blocks rather than blended completely.

If you don’t want to mess up the jar design, then practice on paper first like I did 😀




  1. Paint galaxy on the jar and lid.
  2. Use splashing technique (I don't know the formal name for it) to create stars.
  3. Seal with Clear Acrylic Sealer for extra protection (optional).



  • When creating the galaxy paint, start with creating color blocks.
  • To create the blending effect of each intersection between the color blocks, dab on the intersecting colors, then dab onto the jar. You don't need to do a full mixing for blending.


Video Information

Filmed: Canon T3i Rebel
Audio: Blue Yeti Microphone


Final Result Photos



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