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Whenever I use hot glue gun, there is a high chance of me getting burned at lease once or twice >.< so I finally made a little hot glue protection helper (in 2 different styles!) ^^ I hope this will be helpful for you too if not I hope you enjoy this video 😀

Written Tutorial

Style 1 – Ring Finger Cap
Style 2 – Hair Tie Cap (You are on this post!)


  • A piece of fabric
  • A piece of felt
  • A hair tie
  • Hot glue gun
  • A pair of scissors


  1. Cut out a piece of a fabric that is roughly about 4.5″ by 1.75″
    1. You can adjust the size to match your finger size or your desire
  2. Cut out a strip of felt and roll it up
  3. Hot glue the felt onto the center of the fabric
  4. Cover the felt fully by wrapping and hot gluing the fabric onto the felt
  5. Hot glue the hair tie onto the center of puffy area


DIY Hot Glue Protection Finger Cap Style 2

Video Tutorial


Later on I saw this Hot Glue Gun Helpers Kit on Amazon while searching for a hot glue mat! :O! I didn't know there were actual finger guards (they are much more professional looking)!!! ^^ It is definitely on my DIY wishlist now!

Product ASIN: B004C6LMY6

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