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A dangerous project! 🙁 Do not recommend unless you have a strong person and/or parental supervision. Creating the hole on the tin lid is harder than I thought. End result is still fun though ^^


Video Tutorial



  • Mason jar
  • Soap dispenser
  • Acrylic paint (color of your choice)
  • Paint brush
  • Paint holder
  • Mod Podge (outdoor version is preferred)
  • Tools for creating the hole in the lid (scissors, pliers, screwdrivers)
  • Glue gun


Mason jar and soap dispenser from my Dollar Store haul video:





  • Be extremely cautious when creating the hole in the tin lid.
  • Be careful when using glue gun to seal the tin lid. This is like a big “CAREFFFUL” for me because I have a poor heat tolerance XD Well, not to mention glue gun burns!!! 🙁


Video Information

Filmed: Canon T3i Rebel
Audio: Blue Yeti Microphone

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