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This blog post is my YouTube description page for easier reading  ^^



YouTube Description

Easy and fun DIY design project. I added little stars to the beer bottle to make it look like a starry night scenery ^ ^ unfortunately it doesn't glow 🙁 but it still looks very adorable as a room decor or a flower vase!

I pinned all my inspirations here:

There are other glass jar designs from the board that I haven't tried out yet 😀


Yes. I will be having a giveaway!!! ^^
Giveaway teaser:

I will be doing a kawaii giveaway! Check out my last video for more details! I live in the US. Let me know if you are in the US or international (if so, which country?). I need to figure out whether I can do an international shipping or not.

Blog post for this video:
Blog post for this YouTube description:

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