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Super excited to try out this Mod Podge Starter Pack! Mod Podge (12 oz ones) is about $8 per bottle, so I am so happy to find this starter pack that features 5 different types of Mod Podge for $12! It is perfect for beginners who are not sure which one to get (the ex-me!). I am most fascinated about Mod Podge's sealing features, so that is the focus of my testing video. I hope my testing and review will help you decide which version to get or maybe even get this starter pack so you can have fun trying them out yourself! 😀

Video Review

Video review is a lot better than the photos I have uploaded here since you can actually see the glossiness of the final result =)


My package came with one of the bottles leaking out some of the glues, but it wasn't too bad so it was still usable.

Leakage photo
My shipment has 1 leakage. It is not too bad, so no big deal 🙂


Below are photos of the final result. Sadly the photos do not show as well as the video.

After (2)After (1)


Gloss – Glossy finish. Smoothness will depend on your applicator (whether your brush/sponge is good or horrible like mine haha).

Sparkle – Glossy finish with glitters mixed in it. Since you can feel the glitters, it is not as smooth as the Gloss version.

Matte – Matte version with very minimal glossiness (only if you shine under the light).

Outdoor – Kind of like a mix between Gloss and Matte. Not as shiny as the Gloss, but not a full Matte. The “outdoor” ability is not being tested since I am not using it on any outdoor objects. However, I do have one DIY Soap Dispenser that will be sitting near the sink all the time once it passes the 72-hour drying period (it will be ready on 8/29/2014, I will update here after 1-2 months).

Paper – I tried it on paper LOL not sure if it is a good or bad idea. You can't really feel/tell it, so it is perfect for paper artwork!

I don't have good brushes yet, so my application might/could've been better.


For the Gloss, Sparkle, and Matte version, it is recommended to use a Clear Acrylic Sealer to eliminate tackiness, so in my video I have tested them with Clear Acrylic Sealer. Though I couldn't feel the difference (should I blame my fingers for not being sensitive enough?).


Please do keep in mind that it is my first time using Mod Podge, so there might have been other things that I could've done better. If there is any corrections/updates, I will be updating them in this post.

Thank you for reading/watching! I hope this helps =)!



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