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I love art classes from Skillshare. With just one membership fee, you get access to ALL the classes on the platform. Below is a list of my top 3 cute art classes on Skillshare by Yasmina Creates!

Yasmina Creates – Ink and Watercolor Artist


Yasmina Creates is a self-taught ink and watercolor artist. As of April 2017, she has 13 classes on Skillshare! 😀 Her tutorials are fun and easy to follow.

My top 3 classes below do not include watercolor classes because I haven't taken them yet (and I don't have watercolor supplies yet ^O^) Habits can be quite expensive to maintain!

Biggest Takeaway

My biggest takeaway from her class is the tips on how to make things cute!  The following three classes are MUST-TAKES! I also bought a brush pen just for the class haha. I am actually using Sharpies for now ._. since they are easier to master.  I learned about white Sharpies – oh this thing is a magic! Anyways, onto the classes!

Class 1 – You Can Draw Cute Animals

This is a great starting point to learn how to draw cute animals. Yasmina breaks down the steps so they are really easy to get started with. I drew like 20+ snails after the tutorial… ^O^

You Can Draw Cute Animals by Yasmina Creates

Class 2 – You Can Draw Christmas Cuties

Besides of animals, you can draw people too! I can't wait till Yasmina creates a class dedicated to creating cute figures! Her kawaii style is so cute!


You Can Draw Christmas Cuties by Yasmina Creates

Class 3 – You Can Draw Cutie Foodies

Are you struggling with losing weight? Look at these cuties. They are too cute to consume! (o__o)


You Can Draw Cuties Foodies by Yasmina Creates


These are my top 3 classes from Yasmina Creates on Skillshare. I hope you will LOVE the classes as much as I did!!! 😀

Have you taken any of Yasmina's classes? Which one is your favorite?


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