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Pearler Bead Sweeper is one of the most exciting items that I was looking forward to from my Perler haul, and I am glad it doesn’t disappoint. Though… I don’t think I will be using it much ^o^

Pearler Bead Sweeper is a little tool that you roll back and forth to collect scattered beads. Think of it as a manual vacuum cleaner for your beads.

Video Review – Hands On Review, Close Up, Demo, Slow & Normal Speed

Perler Bead Sweeper Structure

On one end of the Perler Bead Sweeper is an empty container with a latch, this is where the rolled up beads will get stored temporarily. It is said to hold up 100 beads. Then you can open the latch to dump out the beads (and sweep again! Just kidding) – to put them away.

The other end is the cool part. It is the part that does the “sweeping”. It consists of several silicone like panels (it might just be silicone I don’t know~). It is not too soft and not too hard, I just don’t know how much abuse it can put up to. Though, the beads themselves are quite light so we should be ok.

When you use it, you want to use it with light to moderate force so your beads don’t go flying and make a bigger mess. It is fun to roll the sweeper back and forth, but I probably won’t be using it since I prefer assorted bead (as addicting as it is to sort beads o_o and weird I suppose).

If you use assorted beads and just dump them out on the table to work with, then this sweeper might be handy. Or if you are a messy beader 😀 and just somehow have beads flying all around your house, then this sweeper might be handy too.

The item itself I’d give a rating of 5 stars (even though I won’t be using it much).

Perler Bead Sweeper
Rating: 5 Stars

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