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I went to grocery shopping at Walmart today. The first thing that caught my eyes were the Christmas trees and lights by the entrance. I only had the lights from Dollar Tree last year, so I grabbed some from Walmart after I finished grocery shopping. Later on I went on Tumblr and saw a room with white lights with white wire ._. Mine is green wire. Green fits the holiday season better but white looks much more chic and stylish. Oh well, I still love my light very much though =^^=

Below are the items that I got from Walmart.
2 rolls of gift wraps and 2 light sets.


cute Christmas gift wrapping paper from Walmart

white and multi color Christmas lights from Walmart
My boyfriend asked me if I was going to buy presents because of the gift wraps. I was like, “No. I am buying them for DIY.” (>.>) Hehe~

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