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Thanksgiving is right around the corner (^__^) I bought some Thanksgiving decors a while back because we will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for our family! Here I am using some of the decors in my room. I have also made some DIY room decors.

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Mason Jar Stationery Holder

You gotta love mason jars! I love the glass material and you can never have enough space for all the pens and pencils! My mason jars are recycled from Spaghetti sauce jars ^^ which is why I LOVE to make Spaghetti for my boyfriend (though not necessarily eat it since I end up making lo mein with Spaghetti noodles).

Thanksgiving 2015 DIY & Room Decor Ideas (9) Thanksgiving 2015 DIY & Room Decor Ideas (7)


  • Thanksgiving themed decorative ribbons
  • Mason Jar
  • Crafting paper or brown paper
  • Basic crafting tools
    • Scissors
    • Crafting scissors
    • Tape or glue
  • Pillow stuffing (optional)
  • Brown polka dot ribbons (optional)



  1. Lay out the designs of your desired Mason jar look
  2. Use tape or glue to arrange and set your design in place
  3. Use pillow stuffing if desired
  4. Attach ribbons on top of the jar if desired


Thanksgiving “THANKFUL” Garland Banner

You can’t go wrong with a garland banner. They are easy to make and take up a lot of space (in the good way!). They can add an instant pop to your room, effortlessly (minus the DIY time *cough*).

Thanksgiving 2015 DIY & Room Decor Ideas (4)

I was originally going to put it right in front of my book shelves, only to realize that it will block my access to the shelves. So I ended up putting them on the wall 😀

Thanksgiving 2015 DIY & Room Decor Ideas (2) Thanksgiving 2015 DIY & Room Decor Ideas (1)



  • Crafting paper
  • Drawstring
  • Black markers (or a printer)
  • Scissors
  • Crafting scissors
  • Glue



  1. Estimate the size for your banner pieces
  2. Choose desired crafting paper
    1. I picked green, yellow, orange, and red to symbolize the change in color.
  3. Cut the paper
    1. I used my paper trimmer
  4. Arrange the order
  5. Fold the paper in half
  6. Write the word “Thankful” using a black marker or use a printer to print out the words
    1. I used the printer because I couldn’t find my black marker 🙁
    2. If you are using the printer method, print the words out and cut them into the desired size
  7. Glue the words onto the crafting paper
  8. Trim the bottom of the crafting paper using crafting scissors
  9. Open up the folded paper and put the string in
  10. Place glue on the paper and fold the paper again
    1. Once it is dry, you can put it up.

Lastly, you can always add the lights!

Thanksgiving 2015 DIY & Room Decor Ideas (5)

“FALL” Word Decor – Toilet Paper Roll DIY

I have collected TONS of toilet paper rolls! You know, it is one of those “what if I run out of toilet paper rolls for DIY?”. So I was so glad I was able to use toilet paper rolls for this DIY project.
Thanksgiving 2015 DIY & Room Decor Ideas (3)


  • Toilet paper – 4
  • Crafting paper – red
  • Thanksgiving ribbon  
  • Black marker (or a printer)
  • Blank white paper
  • Scissors
  • Crafting scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler (optional)



  1. Cut out the appropriate size of crafting paper
    1. Cutting shorter than the toilet paper
    2. Don’t cover the whole paper to allow the toilet paper color to be shown
  2. Cut the long edge of the paper with the crafting scissors
  3. Fold the crafting paper and cut them into half to create four pieces of the final design
  4. Tape it on the toilet paper rolls. Repeat for the rest three toilet paper rolls.
  5. Cut out appropriate size of the Thanksgiving ribbon
  6. Tape it on the toilet paper rolls. Repeat for the rest three toilet paper rolls.
  7. If your ribbon doesn’t stay, you can use a Stapler to staple down the ribbon
  8. Write “FALL” on a blank white paper using a black marker or print them out
    1. It felt plain with the rectangle outline so I used the crafting scissors to give it more details.
  9. Glue the words onto the toilet paper


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